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  1. 2010 The Origin

    College sweethearts Brandon and Katrina started a wedding photography business born from a passion to document memories.

  2. 2011 The Problem

    Looking to grow the company, the couple invested in a photo booth as an add-on service. Profits soared, and more importantly, more memories were captured.

  3. 2012 The Solution

    Brandon and Katrina then saw the opportunity to provide photo booths as a fun, profitable, and creative turnkey business for other entrepreneurs. The rest is history.

Meet us!

  • Photo of Brandon Wong

    Brandon Wong


  • Photo of Katrina Santos

    Katrina Santos


  • Photo of Katy Fortier

    Katy Fortier

    Customer Experience

  • Photo of Daniel Scott

    Daniel Scott

    Windows Developer

  • Photo of Jeffrey Smith

    Jeffrey Smith

    Lead Hardware Technician

  • Photo of Brian Chernick

    Brian Chernick

    Product Manager

  • Photo of Keith Pickering

    Keith Pickering

    Front-End Engineer

  • Photo of Megan Anderson

    Megan Anderson

    Lead Photobooth Strategist

  • Photo of Jeffrey Ramirez

    Jeffrey Ramirez

    Hardware Technician

  • Photo of Amanda Leigh

    Amanda Leigh

    Success Champion

  • Photo of Sasha Martinov

    Sasha Martinov

    Back-End Engineer

  • Photo of Tareek Clarke

    Tareek Clarke

    Success Champion

  • Photo of Cassie Tisdale

    Cassie Tisdale

    Photobooth Strategist

  • Photo of Jigger Monares

    Jigger Monares

    Graphic Designer

  • Photo of Amber Guttilla

    Amber Guttilla

    Photobooth Strategist

  • Photo of Nate Carter

    Nate Carter

    Success Champion

  • Photo of Juan Giorello

    Juan Giorello

    iOS Developer

  • Photo of Cameron Bingham

    Cameron Bingham

    Success Champion

  • Photo of Lauren Bostic

    Lauren Bostic

    Project Manager

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